Next aviation era has begun
The new technologies of this century paved the way to new aircraft generation. Symbioses between airframe and propulsion unit is the key. .


Airmobis company was settled not only to provide high-end solutions & services to aircraft design for our customers but also to bring contribution to the future of aviation.

In the last century, the invention of the piston engine has made the powered flight possible. Turbo-jets and turboprops have allowed aircraft to fly higher and faster. Unfortunately, power unit and propeller wash generate disadvantageous effects, that we have to deal with. To cite only few of them:

  • Nose-mounted propeller strongly reduce stability, leading to necessity to increase tails units.
  • Wing-mounted engines have strong controllability issues in case of engine failure.
  • For all configuration, presence of the airframe decrease the propulsion efficiency.
  • They remain noisy, vibrating, and dangerous on the ground for people in their vicinity

It is the right time to turn induced power effects into benefits for new aircraft design.

Nowadays, software and computers offer us simulation capacities able to replace the very expensive wind-tunnels used so far. The only limits are our imagination and our ability to go beyond what we see daily at airports.

Electric engines offer us the possibility to overcome the limitations imposed by classical propulsion systems, and freely integrate them on our aircraft. Creating an electric aircraft is not just about replacing the engine for an electric one. This was the great work of the pioneers of the electric era that prove this propulsion system is viable for aircraft applications.

Now we can design a more efficient and safe aircraft, where propulsion and airframe will function in symbiosis.

This is our vision, we're working on it.


Etienne Vandame, founder – His story.


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