Other expertise

Data & analyzes
Idea development has to be built on valid data. We analyze all type of data from rough scratch (ideological concept) to very complex input from the nature (data from dron monitoring) to transfer them into user friendly comprehensive output. We have developed know how, complex methodology and software tools. Thanks to open-sours possibilities we choose the right solution adapted to your needs.
We can provide you with
1. Data cleaning
2. 3D Geometry
3. Final shape (foils, hydrofoils)
4. Cooling systems, radiators
5. 3D scanners



Thermal analysis methods measure physical, mechanical, and thermodynamic changes taking place under differing temperatures and loads, and can pinpoint when and at what temperature significant changes occur. Airmobis offers highly reliable analyzes covering:
  1. Air cooling systems - car engines
  2. Radiators – air flowing simulation, temperature exchanger (air, water, metal)
  3. Cooling of electronics (heat exchanger)


We diversify our services portfolio and we have developed software tools for hydrodynamic.
Our competence
  1. Hydrofoils
  2. Multiphase tasks – water surface, waves deformation caused by the boat movement
  3. Amphibian vehicles – dynamic simulation, water- ramp transition